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Founder of ChiroCandy Marketing, (one of the largest social media marketing companies in the chiropractic profession) Billy Sticker, brings you practical and motivational information on designed to equip and inspire chiropractors to think like a marketer. The most successful chiropractors across the globe think like marketers, not just chiropractors. Billy shares his own knowledge and experience, as well as interviews from industry leaders in the chiropractic field and other marketing experts. You will be challenged and equipped to take your practice to the next level.
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Jan 10, 2017

This week Billy Sticker talks with Dr. Jay Morgan, of, about the traits of a successful chiropractor.

  • Board of Trustee member for Parker University, Dallas Texas
  • Internationally Known And Respected Chiropractic Consultant
  • Active Chiropractic Practice Management To Over 500 Offices World Wide
  • Consulted with over 8,000 offices worldwide
  • Founder and developer of Chiropractic Associates one of the nation’s largest Chiropractic Clinics, seeing over 800 patients per week, with $1,000,000 plus yearly collections!
  • Former Vice President of Gibson Management, one of the most respected chiropractic consulting firms in the profession post graduate instructor for chiropractic colleges, associations, re-licensure
  • 30 years experience
  • Active coach to European Chiropractors
  • Specializing in one on one coaching, instruction, support, motivation and management

Traits of a Successful Chiropractor

  1. Optimism

  2. Passion

  3. Consistency

  4. Persistance

  5. People Person

  6. Enthusiastic

  7. Empathy

  8. Promotion/Marketing

  9. Gratitude

  10. No End Zone - Always Be Learning

  11. Shhh... Listen!

  12. MoJo

  13. Killer Instinct

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The 5 Fundamentals of a Successful Practice in 2017!

Jan 6, 2017

Billy Sticker talks to Dr. Beau Pierce about the upcoming docuseries, Vaccines Revealed.
You need to know about something important coming up on January 10th.

Dr. Patrick Gentempo has been digging into the hidden truth behind vaccines.

As a health care provider, he found that the whole story wasn’t being told… and it needs to be told. When making critical decisions about your health and your children’s health, you need to be armed with the facts.

“Vaccines Revealed” is broadcasting their exclusive docu-series event for 9 days only. From Tuesday, January 10th-18th. And you can watch the whole thing for FREE here.

This is powerful – – If you want the latest, real information you will not want to miss this.

It’s time to expose the truth and take back our health care system.

With an award-winning film crew, we flew all over the world and got exclusive access to whistleblowers, former drug reps and university scientists.

As you probably know already…

The drug and vaccine industry is a multi-BILLION dollar enterprise… focused more on profits than human lives.

I was not ready to see things like…

Drug and vaccine companies blatantly falsifying documents…

Whistleblowers getting completely BURIED…

Our Government looking the other way…


And that’s not even to mention the tragic human cost of families ruined by vaccine injuries, endless medical bills… ruined marriages… and a rapid rise in chronic disease (especially in children).

It took months and months of care, attention and energy to edit each part of this stunning series. And now it’s finally ready for the world to see.

Featuring exclusive interviews with the world’s most acclaimed experts in research, medicine, holistic care and natural health.

“Vaccines Revealed tells the hidden story behind the vaccine industry.

And you can watch it FREE from January 10th-18th.

Register for this exclusive, world-wide event now by CLICKING HERE.

Thanks for joining us!



Jan 3, 2017

This week Billy talks with fitness and nutrition expert, Travis Dillard.  Listen as they discuss How to use nutrition systems to grow your chiropractic practice.

Years ago Travis was overweight, lacked energy, motivation and drive. Just like you, he couldn’t live like that. It was too hard to be the chubby guy, the unsuccessful guy who was wasting life…

He made a decision. That decision shifted everything. It’s why he’s here for you now.

After achieving the body and energy he’d always desired while growing his thriving business, he now helps busy entrepreneurs, CEOs, VIPs and all out studs do the same.

You’ll find that his approach to fat loss and energy optimization to be effective. He developed it over the past few years and it has led to change the lives of many high achievers. More specifically, he uses the perfect blend of nutrition, exercise, mindset (academic research, personal case studies) and routine optimization to remove the pressure and noise and transform bodies all over the world.

More From Travis Dillard:

The HELO Wearable Health Tracker... On Steroids

Dec 27, 2016

Welcome to episode number 95 of ChiroCandy. On this episode, we're going to talk about 7 reasons to write a book.

Before I get into that, I want to go over a couple of key things that I learned from this year, some takeaways that I have from this year. I hope that you guys do the same thing with your practice, your business, your relationships, your spiritual life, your physical life, all these different areas. What are some takeaways that you have for this year and what are some things that you want to do different?

Takeaways For 2016

For those of you new to the show, we started ChiroCandy back in May of 2015. I have a background in ministry but also in sales and marketing. I was a sales manager for a long time but I spent 17 years in the precious metals industry, (Rare coins, gold, silver, things like that).

About eight years into that, I left that industry, went to work for a chiropractor for a few years and that's whenever I really "drank the Kool-Aid," if you will. I just really fell in love with the profession but I wasn't making as much money as I did in the coin business. Ended up going back into coins. After awhile I was so tired of working for somebody else, building somebody else's dream and having somebody else tell me when and where I needed to be here and be there. It was just time for something else.

We started ChiroCandy. I didn't even know how we were going to monetize it. I just wanted to give value.

1. Value Pays: One of my big takeaways for 2016 is value pays. I talk a lot about that in the different episodes. Episode 67, where I talk about this sales process. How the more and more value you give, the more you're going to "sell". It's like whatever product or service you offer, there's a scale. Their money, whatever you're charging for that service, is on one side. Your product or service is on the other. Well the more value you add then it ... Once you get it to outweigh whatever you're charging, the sales mate. My goal was just to give value. Not charge anything. I just wanted to give value.

I can say that 2016 being my first year, 100% full-time just doing this, we were able to collect more money than I ever did in 17 years in the coin business. Now my wife stays home. She helps me out. I've got a son in college. He's going to bible school right now. He's learning how to do a lot of this stuff. Really there's three main ways that we monetize ChiroCandy. It's through affiliate marketing, the Facebook marketing that I do for doctors out there and then the ghost writing that we do. We help docs. We sit down with them, come up with a really tight outline. It's all their content. We just do all the hard work. We do all the heavy lifting and then we get it professionally designed, edited and it's listed on Amazon. Then you get to use it for publicity, all kinds of things for your practice.

That's really what we're going to get into for this episode. Value pays. That was one of my big takeaways from this year is when you come at whatever you're doing from value, you're going to be okay. As long as you have ways to monetize in the backing it, but just be concerned with giving value. Everything else will work out. It's been a great year. We look for bigger things to come.

2. Consistency: Another takeaway I have is consistency. I release a podcast every Tuesday, 5:00 a.m. Central Standard Time. I don't know. It may go unappreciated by a lot of the listeners. It really doesn't matter. It's important to me to make sure for those of you ... There's a lot of docs out there that listen to the show. We get thousands of downloads every week. Last I checked, we're in well over 90 countries across the world. For those of you who look forward to, "Hey, tomorrow a new show comes out. I want to listen to it at the gym." I know there's podcasts out there that I do that with. If a podcast comes out let's say Tuesday, one of the marketing shows I listen to, if I know it's coming out on Tuesday, I'll wait to make sure it comes out before I go to the gym because I want to listen to it at the gym or whatever it may be.

I found that just being consistent, it holds ... I think it builds credibility for me and for what I do. I don't know why I'm saying that's one of my takeaways. I feel that it's paid off. I feel that being consistent every week with the show helps hold me accountable to deliver value. Maybe that's it. Maybe that's where I'm going with this.

3. Ready, Fire, Aim: Then a third takeaway I have is ready, fire, aim. There's been some things we've done this year that haven't worked out real well as far as from a marketing standpoint to produce income for the show or income for our family, stuff like that. There's been some things that have just really been home runs.

There's a book by Michael Masterson called Ready, Fire, Aim. Too often people get so caught up in waiting to make sure everything is perfect before you go for it. Sometimes you've just got to go for it. Just get out there, fire and then aim along the way. The book by Maxwell Maltz called Psycho-Cybernetics came out back in the 50s I think. He talks about how we're all created with this internal guidance system. It's almost like a heat-seeking missile that we correct ourselves along the way. It's just the way God created us. There's a lot of truth in that. That was another takeaway for this year is you just get out there and you do it and you go. Then it all works out.

Well we've been married almost 21 years now. The majority of that time, I've been straight commission, especially in the coin business. Now when I was manager, I did have an override that I knew was coming in but for the most part, the income has been consistent but not always ... Just like you guys. Owning a business, it's different. I think that's really helped me a lot starting this business. It's going to help me grow the business because there are times like, "Ugh. I don't know where it's going to come from next month." We just keep doing what we're doing and next thing you know, we're having a better month than we did last month and then another better month than that month. They just continue just to grow.  It's just getting out there and putting stuff to work. Proverbs 14:23 says, "All hard work brings a profit but mere talk leads to poverty." Sometimes you've just got to get out there and do it. Then if it doesn't work, tweak it and try it again.

4. Think Bigger. Dream Bigger: Then the fourth thing is just think bigger and dream bigger. We had some guest speakers come and do this thing at our church here a couple months back. That was one of the big things they talked about. It was one of the big takeaways I had from this weekend thing that we did was not to limit myself, not to limit my thinking, but think bigger, dream bigger and do bigger. That's one of our big things we want to do for 2017 is just really how can we get out there and help impact more doctors and help you guys impact more people in your community to help you build that dream practice? I see this all the time. Whatever your dream practice looks like in your mind, there are people out there that have built it. What can I do to help guide you?

I'm not an expert in any of this. I do feel that I'm good at marketing but I'm not a doctor. I'm not a chiropractor. I've never built a clinic but my goal is to help provide value and get guys on the show that can help you do that. Anyway, there's eight minutes, almost nine minutes into the show. There's some takeaways for this year for me and hopefully you can apply that to your business and what's coming up for 2017.

Let's get into the core of what we want to talk about for this podcast...

7 Reasons To Write A Book.

I'm very passionate about this. I've written four books and book number five is actually almost done. It's done. We've been going through the editing process on it. I started it last year. This one has taken me a year but the funny thing is is my Instant Influencer Course, which walks you through how to write a book, I brag about how you can write a book in as little as three weeks. I've done that. My other books I've written in as little as three weeks from the idea in my head to my book in my hand, as little as three weeks. This one was different. I just had different goals for the book but also this year, because of things that would happen ... New clients that would come in, speaking engagements that I would have, just being busy, the book wasn't a priority. I've been still doing a little bit every month and every month to get it to where it is. Now we are at the point where hopefully in the next month or two it's going to be released. I'm really expecting some big things. I'm really excited about that.

1. Authority
That's one of the reasons that I wanted to talk about this today. The first reason you should write a book is the authority that it gives you. There's a reason that the root word of 'authority' is author. People automatically look at you different when they realize you've written a book. That's number one.

2. Branding
Number two is branding. It really ties into the authority. You can use it in all of your marketing messages, all kinds of things. It really helps shape who you are, your clinic, when you want it to. Now some docs write a book and it's just something they have on their shelves. They use it a little bit. If you do it right, it can really help with your branding, their image, especially making an impact in your area, which leads us to number three is publicity.

3. Publicity
Whenever you have a book, it becomes easier to get free publicity in your local area. Whenever you have your book done, you should plan out a publicity campaign where you do what you can to get on the local talk radio. Have articles written in the local newspaper. If your area has a local magazine that comes out, reach out to them. They're always looking for good content. The local TV news station, they're always looking for good quality content and whenever you are an author and you have that authority, it also helps them want to say yes to you, to bring you in front of their audience, knowing that you're going to deliver good quality content. It's huge.

One TV appearance on a local news show ... One of my docs did this on the morning news show and had over $6,000 in business just from a little ... It was a three-minute spot on the news one day. Another one of my clients, we helped do a book and he had 60 phone calls that afternoon after his spot aired. His clinic, you're looking at anywhere between ... The different programs and stuff that he offers, he profit-wise collects ... It's all cash. No insurance. Anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000 per case. It had 60 people call after that. He was able to do that. It was easier for him whenever he was an author. They had their book on TV. He's showing the book and they're talking about the book and then talking about his practice and what he's doing. It's a huge opportunity for that.

4. Share Your Message
Reason number four is you get to share your message. You guys have a message. I don't know if there's another industry that's as passionate about what it is they do as chiropractors are. This gives you a platform to share that message.

5. Patient Education
Reason number five is patient education. Typically whenever you're seeing these patients, you're only spending ... What? Three to five minutes with them at a time? Sometimes longer. After your day one and day two and you're just doing your adjustments, you don't have that much time. For you to get all this philosophy that you have to teach that to these patients, it takes more than that. When you have a book, you can say, "Hey, Ms. Jones. Look, I want you to do this. In chapter three of my book, it talks about the benefits of drinking water," or whatever it may be. "Before you come in next time, read that chapter. There's some things that I want to talk to you about." You can use it as for patient education.

6. Legacy
The sixth reason is to leave a legacy. When you have a book that you've written, nobody can ever take that away. It's there always. I recently lost my grandfather. This was just here within the past month, six weeks. Even his grandfather ... I'm sorry, his dad. I heard all these stories about how he was just such a great man and was real involved in church and all these things that he did. They have a building named after him. I always thought, "You know what? If he had written a book, I would love to read it." That's one of the reasons I wrote ABCs of a Leader is I wanted it to be something not for ... To be on Amazon, for everybody to buy and all this. I wanted it to be these key fundamental principles that I feel make people successful that my grandkids could read about, that my great grandkids could say, "Well you know what? Your great great grandfather, here's one of the books that he read and this is the philosophy that made him who he is." It's leaving that legacy is the sixth reason.

Let's go over these real quick. Let's recap and then we have one more.
1. Authority
2. Branding
3. Publicity
4. Sharing your message
5. Patient Education
6. Legacy

7. Who You Will Become
Number seven is because who you'll become in the process. The late Jim Rohn talks about this... He says his mentor told him, "You should have a goal to become a millionaire not for the money, but because of who you have to become in the process to be able to earn that." I think it's the same type thing. Once you've done work ... Even though as far as my side of things, we try to make it as easy for you as possible. It's still being able to say, "I'm an author."

There was a guy that we used to go to church with. I knew him for years but we knew each other at church. Really not anything outside of that. This was really before Facebook so he didn't ... It's not like he was getting on social media and would see me and knew that I was an author. We were at worship practice one day. Something was said about one of my books. He stopped and he said, "Wait, you've written a book?" I said, "Yeah." At the time I had written, I don't know, maybe three of them. He started treating me different. He started talking to me different. It was funny but I bring that point up because that's what happens. When you have a book, people look at you differently.

Anyway, those are seven reasons why you should write a book. I really encourage you to make that ... Put that on your list for 2017 as a goal. Whether it takes you a year, whether you want help ... We can help you do it pretty quick. Or even as just something that you sit down and make that a long-term goal, whatever it may be, I really think there's a ... I know that you have a book inside of you. You have a message to share. Share it. Do what you can to share it. That's going to be it for this episode. We'll stop right there. I hope you guys have had a great year. If you were interested in finding out more about writing a book, the different programs that I offer, whether it's being able to get you into our course that shows you how to do it yourself or actually sitting down and talking to us about us doing the work for you.

We actually just finished a project for a doc who ... He and his pastor, they wrote their book and then came to me to help go through and edit it, to lay everything out, do all the interior design, the book cover design. We did the website for him. We got it listed on Amazon and all that. Even if that's where you are, I'd love to help you any way that I can.

Work With Billy
You can go to either or you can simply go to Just schedule what time to hop on the phone with me and we'll take 10 to 15 minutes just to find out what's going on, what your goals are and any way that I can help. Same thing if you're interested in Facebook marketing and some of the things that we do for that. Reach out to me the same way, either or you can go to Schedule a time to get on the phone and we can talk about those options as well.

Dec 20, 2016

Your Marketing Plan For 2017

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion
- Reciprocity
- Social Proof
- Liking
- Authority
- Scarcity
- Commitment & Consistency

3 keys:
- Goals
- Systems
- Team

More Tools:

Schedule a Call With Billy:



Dec 13, 2016

This episode is a solo-show where Billy discuss 9 key fundamentals of email marketing for chiropractors.

Email Marketing For Chiropractors:

Get an Autoresponder
- Aweber (My favorite) (Affiliate link)
- MailChimp
- ConstantContact

9 Fundamentals of Email Marketing
 1. The "From"
 2. The Subject Line
 3. Content (PAST Formula)
 4. Call To Action
 5. Purpose (Branding, Promotion, Reactivations, etc)
 6. Measurable
 7. Instant Feedback
 8. Valuable
 9. Types of Content (YouTube videos, Secrets, Tips)

More From This Episode:


What You’ll Get…
  •  3 Complete Marketing Funnels!
  •  5 Days of Training – Learning The Funnels
  •  Private Facebook Group for support!
  •  Partner with other doctor for accountability!
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Take The Marketing Challenge…


Chiropractic Marketing Challenge








Dec 6, 2016

Today Billy interviews Drs. Kelly Polzin & Manjit Gauba.  They have built their dream practices.  One of the many keys to their success is building a practice people are comfortable referring their friends and family to.  Join us as they discuss how to build a referable practice.

Building a Referable Practice:

4 Pillars of Business
1. Vision
2. Focus
3. Systems
4. Team


More About Epic Mentors:

It does not matter where you are starting, what your current struggles are or how long you have been in practice... all you need to do is start to see EPIC changes! When you understand the 'Why', the 'How' becomes simple; it all starts with you! If you are willing to take a hard look at yourself, your practice, your attitudes and beliefs and your systems then you are going to explode your practice! We’re here to show you the thought patterns it takes, the philosophies you and your patients need to change your practice into something EPIC!

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Also Discussed In This Episode:

Chiropractic Marketing Challenge

Nov 29, 2016

Chiropractic Marketing Challenge:

What You'll Get...
3 Complete Marketing Funnels!
5 Days of Training - Learning The Funnels
Private Facebook Group for support!
Partner with other doctor for accountability!
And more... All For FREE!
Take The Marketing Challenge...

More From This Episode:

3 Facebook Marketing Secrets

Chiropractic Marketing Challenge

Nov 22, 2016

This week's episode is different than our traditional practice growth shows.  It is about the recent judge's ruling in the case againt the TMA (Texas Medical Association) and what it means for the future of chiropractic in Texas.

This interview is with newly elected president of the Texas Chiropractic Association, Dr. Tyce Hergert.

How You Can Help:

More Tools:

The ULTIMATE Chiropractic Facebook Training

3 Step Headache Campaign

FREE Marketing Strategy Session.– For a limited time, Billy is offering a free 30 minute strategy session.  This session is designed to equip you with a detailed, personalized action plan to take your practice to the next level.  The reason Billy is offering these strategy sessions for free is for a future course he’s looking to offer.  To see if you qualify, simply click the link below to apply. (The reason for the application process is to weed out those who are not serious about the growth of their practices.)  Click Here to Apply

Nov 15, 2016

This week Billy sits down with Amped Mentor, Dr. Jacob Sims.  Listen as they talk about clarifying communication to your patients.

Dr. Jacob Sims has a passion to spread the message of Chiropractic not only to his community, but to Chiropractors and future Chiropractors.

Dr. Jacob Sims wrestled throughout his childhood for 10 years and injured his elbow.  The orthopedic surgeon told him he would have to remove a portion of his elbow and re-route his nerves and arteries.  He decided that God gave him that portion of his elbow for a reason and declined surgery.  After experiencing many years of pain, he began Chiropractic care and his elbow is fully functional now with no pain.  This began his Chiropractic Journey.

Dr. Sims graduated from Life University in 2007 where he had the opportunity to provide Chiropractic Care to Men in Drug/Alcohol Rehab, at Life Universities Outreach Clinic on a daily basis.

Today, him and his wife have the largest Chiropractic office in western Colorado.

More Tools:

AMPED Mentorship Program

The ULTIMATE Chiropractic Facebook Training

3 Step Headache Campaign

FREE Marketing Strategy Session.– For a limited time, Billy is offering a free 30 minute strategy session.  This session is designed to equip you with a detailed, personalized action plan to take your practice to the next level.  The reason Billy is offering these strategy sessions for free is for a future course he’s looking to offer.  To see if you qualify, simply click the link below to apply. (The reason for the application process is to weed out those who are not serious about the growth of their practices.)  Click Here to Apply

Nov 8, 2016

This week Billy Sticker sits down with Dr. Bob Hoffman of The Master's Circle to discuss brain based wellness.

Dr. Bob Hoffman is the President and CEO of The Masters Circle, a highly specialized and unique Leadership Training and Practice Building organization that has revolutionized the traditional model of management consulting and coaching for chiropractors common in our profession today.

Dr. Hoffman graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1978. He ran a very successful, cash based, high volume practice on Long Island for 23 years before pursuing his dream of leading and guiding an unsurpassed group of chiropractic professionals with a multitude of college backgrounds, political affiliations, practice sizes and technique styles toward the lifestyle and practice of their dreams.

Throughout his distinguished career, he has achieved a wide variety of honors including becoming the12th President of the International Chiropractors Association; a renowned organization which began in 1926, and as a founding member and Chairman of the Board of the New York Chiropractic Council.

As a Bestselling author, international speaker, sought after coach and well-known figure in the profession, Dr. Hoffman accepts speaking engagements worldwide. His passion and results speak for themselves, as he has successfully guided thousands of chiropractors and their teams to professional excellence and personal mastery.

More From Dr. Bob Hoffman on Brain Based Wellness:


Join Dr. Bob Hoffman as he takes the next step in the evolution of the chiropractic profession. Featuring 8 of the most distinguished neurologically based chiropractors, these 10 modules explore how to overcome the sympathetic survivaly syndrome and advance chiropractic to create a new gold standard for practice.

The 10 Modules Include:

  1. Dr. Bob Hoffman- Setting the Stage & Maximizing the Program
  2. Dr. Bob Hoffman- Brain Based Wellness-The New Chiropractic Story
  3. Dr. George Gonzalez- The Holographic Nervous System
  4. Dr. Richard Barwell- The 4 Major Brain Dysfunctions & How they Alter the Adjustment
  5. Dr. Tim Merrick- What is the New Intent & Purpose of the Chiropractic Adjustment?
  6. Dr. Jared Leon- The New Conversation & the Visit by Visit Protocol
  7. Dr. Francis Murphy- The Polyvagal Connection to Health & Wellness
  8. Dr. Rob Melillo- Adjusting Unilaterally in the New Model
  9. Dr. Rob DeMartino- Metabolic Support to Neurologic Healing
  10. Roundtable Discussion & Specific Action Steps





More Tools:

The ULTIMATE Chiropractic Facebook Training

3 Step Headache Campaign


Nov 1, 2016

This week Billy visits with the cofounder of ChiroSushi, Tristan Schaub.

Chiropractic is in Tristan’s blood. Literally. As a future 3rd generation, Chiropractor Tristan decided to bring everything he knew growing up in a Chiropractic office to Silicone Valley. It must have worked as he became a part of several startups that found success, most recently DoctorBase (acquired by Kareo). Now he brings his passion to Chiropractic as the Co-Founder of ChiroSushi and the ChiroSushiSummit.


FREE Tools:

The Presentation Training Responsible For My Success: Perfect Webinar Secrets (FREE Limited Time Offer)

The ULTIMATE Chiropractic Facebook Training

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Oct 25, 2016

Today is another solo episode.  Listen as Billy shares chiropractic video marketing essentials

In The Episode: Video Marketing Essentials

Facebook Video Ads
Facebook Live

Know, Like & Trust

Always Have An Offer (What Next)

Types of Videos (content ideas)

Office Tour
"Why Chiropractic"
New Patient "Required" Video - PreConsult
5 Top Questions Patients Ask
5 Top Questions You Wish Patients Asked


Hold Phone sideways when recording
Talk to one patient (not a crowd)
Speak with Authority, but friendly, relaxed (like you where talking to younger sibling or teenager)


Smartphone Video Equipment List - Download Here<script>


The ULTIMATE Chiropractic Facebook Training

3 Step Headache Campaign

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Oct 18, 2016

Last weekend I spoke at Dr. Erich Breitenmoser's Bootcamp event in San Diego, CA.  In this episode I share my tales and important Facebook Marketing Secrets every chiropractor should know.

  • Secret #1 – 95% of Doctors Are Doing FB Marketing Wrong
    • Posting Content/Articles
    • Boosting Posts
    • Focused on Getting Likes
  • Secret #2 – Facebook Marketing Is Different Than Traditional Direct Response Marketing…
    • Traditional Direct Response… Compelling Offer + Call To Action
    • Facebook is Social Media: Know, Like & Trust
  • Secret #3 – Facebook Is Not Going Anywhere Anytime Soon… 
    • YouTube... Facebook videos
    • Periscope... Facebook Live

More From This Issue:

More From Dr. Erich Breitenmoser (Episode 69, Episode 70 & Episode 71)

Get AmpLIFEied:

The ULTIMATE Chiropractic Facebook Training

3 Step Headache Campaign

FREE DotCom Secrets Book: (Just pay $7.95 shipping)  If you order the book then don't think it was worth $7.95, let me know and I'll pay you $16.00.  You'll double your money.  


Oct 11, 2016

This week Billy sits down with Dr. Tony Ebel and discuss the fundamentals to building a pediatric practice.

Dr. Tony, as he is known, is a pediatric and wellness certified chiropractor, who specializes in neuro-developmental disorders such as autism, ADHD, sensory integration disorder, seizures and other special needs cases, as well as general pediatric, pregnancy, and family wellness care.

He has extensive education, experience, and passion in these areas, and has a large family practice in Crystal Lake serving 600 patients per week.  In five years, he has built one of the largest pediatric clinics in the country.  His practice earned the prestigious Top Flight award from Integrity Management, and was the fastest ever to earn “Top Flight” status. He is also is also featured in the documentary film “Doctored – Exposing the Modern Medical Monopoly.”

In addition to running a very fast-paced and busy clinic, Dr. Tony also travels throughout the country speaking and teaching other doctors about his work in pediatrics and spectrum disorders.  His lecture and seminar series on this topic, entitled “The Perfect Storm: The Path to Autism, ADHD, and more…” is a highly sought after and well-attended program.
He also developed a series of subluxation and wellness-based educational materials for chiropractors, starting a company called Well Adjusted Products.  The purpose of these materials are to make the science, art, and philosophy of chiropractic easily understood and easily communicated.

And most recently, he has partnered with fellow pediatric chiropractor Dr. David Jackson to create the first ever online pediatric training program, Epic Pediatrics.  This is an extensive and detailed training program that covers many essential topics to serving kids and building a successful pediatric practice, that have just never been taught before.

He has a beautiful wife Kristina, incredible daughters Addison and Alaina, and an amazing little boy Oliver who himself went through “the perfect storm” spending 6 weeks in the NICU with a very grave prognosis of seizures and severe delays, only to come through that with zero seizures or developmental delays thanks to the early application of pediatric chiropractic.  He is a health and wellness “junkie” who loves CrossFit, spending time with his family, and sports.

Building a Pediatric Practice:

Perfect Storm

Nothing Speaks Louder Than Results

More From Dr. Tony:

More From This Episode:

The ULTIMATE Chiropractic Facebook Training

3 Step Headache Campaign

Oct 4, 2016

In this episode, Billy Sticker visits with Dr. Jeff May.

Dr. Jeff May grew up in rural Nebraska where he enjoyed long days in the hayfield, farm pond fishing and roping in rodeos on the weekend. It was there that his parents instilled in him three things: Pray, Focus and Work Hard. To this day he still gives these three habits credit to his success.

In his breakout book, ‘Beyond the Pain: Living Your Advantage Life In A Disadvantaged World,’ Dr. Jeff takes a unique approach to health by first setting up your life’s vision, which he calls your Advantage Life, then setting the target your health needs to be in order to live that life. He and his beautiful wife, Olivia, live in Minnesota with their four children.

In This Episode: Beyond The Pain

Common Objections
1. Time
2. Energy
3. Money

Live Q&A Every Thursday 9PM
Facebook Live
"Advantage Life Live"

More From This Episode:

The ULTIMATE Chiropractic Facebook Training

3 Step Headache Campaign



Sep 27, 2016

Today Billy sit's down with AMPED's Dr. Erik Brower.

Dr. Erik Brower is a Leader of the AMPED Mastermind Program and owner of Innate Chiropractic.  Dr. Erik has won countless awards and speaks nationally on team empowerment, family harmony, entrepreneurship,  office systems and both personal and business development.   Dr. Erik's mission is to bring Chiropractic to the for front in health care and to pave the way for future and current chiropractors to achieve unimaginable success.

Listen as Dr. Erik talks about the growth that comes when you get uncomfortable.

In this Episode: Get Uncomfortable!

Low weekly patient visits and high charges or

High weekly patient visits and lower charges...

They both require VALUE

Links Discussed:

Dr. Erik Brower on Facebook

Complete Headache/Migraine Marketing Campaign and training:

The ULTIMATE Facebook Marketing Training:


Sep 25, 2016

This is a special BONUS episode because I have a gift for you....
My 3 step Headache/Migraine marketing campaign (landing pages, video scripts and Facebook ads)!!!

Simply go to 

I even include a training video to walk you through setting it up!

Sep 20, 2016

Join us on this episode where Billy Sticker visit's with Founder, Dr. Stephen Franson.  Listen as Dr. Stephen discusses building the remarkable chiropractic practice.

Dr. Stephen Franson is a true champion of the Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle. Steeped in over eighteen years of clinical practice, Franson’s interface with avibrant family practice affords him a unique prospective of what works in healthcare – and what doesn’t. As the owner operator of one of the most renowned wellness practices on the planet, he can be found in the trenches working with families that are looking for a better way to better health. He is an exceptional clinician, passionate teacher, coach and leader in the Chiropractic Profession.

Dr. Franson is the founder of The Remarkable Practice, an innovative coaching and consulting company that helps doctors create a remarkable practice as part of a remarkable life. Franson’s Remarkable Practice Academy is an innovative web-based, video-driven coaching and training resource for Chiropractors and their Teams.

Stephen is a committed trainer of “Remarkable Chiropractic Teams” – both in the field and in Chiropractic Colleges around the world. He founded the Save The Planet Club at multiple chiropractic colleges in the US - a hub for students that have a heart for the globalization of Principled Chiropractic care and service.

Franson is a sought-after international speaker, author and teacher of the Chiropractic Wellness Lifestyle. Stephen is a member of the Ultimate Achievers Club and an active speaker for EPOC, CORE, DCS, Band of Brothers and was the keynote at the 2013 CAA Development Forum in Sydney, Australia. He was voted one of the Most Influential Chiropractors under 40 in 2009.

Dr. Frans
on’s vision for wellness extends well beyond the confines of his Beverly, Massachusetts practice. He is a certified CrossFit Coach and Paleo-Enthusiast. He is the co-creator of The Bonfire Health Program - a web-based Total Wellness Lifestyle Transformation Program, which serves to educate families in genetically congruent living for better health outcomes and more fulfilling lives.

A graduate of the University of Vermont (B.S.), Life Chiropractic College (D.C.) and a certified Gonstead Instructor, Dr. Franson has served as an extended faculty member at Life University, Palmer College and Northwestern College of Life Sciences. Franson Family Chiropractic opened in 1997 and grew to be one of the largest wellness clinics in the world.

Dr. Franson, his wife Camilla, and their two children, Sam and Emma Grace, live on the seacoast of New Hampshire, where he can pursue his passion of winter surfing and practice with his own family what he lovingly teaches his patients and clients to do – Live a Remarkable Life!

Building The Remarkable Chiropractic Practice:

3 Chiropractic Practice Components
- Attraction
- Conversion
- Retention

Your ability for Attraction is a reflexion of your Certainty.
Your ability for Conversion is a reflection of your Conviction.
And your ability for Retention is a reflection of your Clarity.

Team Building

More From Dr. Stephen Franson:

Important Links:

The Ultimate Facebook Advertising Training Webinar:

Sep 13, 2016

Billy interviews the Black Sheep DC founder, Dr. Jerry Kennedy.  Listen as they discuss the 3 keys to successful chiropractic relationship marketing.

About Dr. Jerry Kennedy... In His Own Words:

I'm a nobody from nowhere. I’m not the highest paid marketing expert in the world. I have never racked in 80 new patients from a dinner talk. And I have never seen a thousand patients in a week (nor did I ever want to).

I did, however, spend 9 years operating a successful chiropractic practice and I’m a bit of a relationship marketing expert. I understand chiropractic patients. I know why they start care, why they choose to stick around and why they leave. That information is incredibly valuable for any chiropractor looking to grow a high-referral, high-retention practice.

I also like to teach, which is why in 2015 I created It’s designed provide chiropractic marketing tips that help improve retention, increase retention and get new patients from the internet without selling chiropractic. So if that sounds like your cup of tea, be sure to plug in to the Black Sheep DC family. You will be glad you did. 

In This Episode:

3 Keys To Any Successful Relationship

  1. Break The Ice
  2. Give Value
  3. Follow Up

More From Dr. Kennedy:

The Weekly DC Podcast

The Weekly BS Newsletter

The BS Academy

Sep 6, 2016

The is a "Best of" episode.  This interview originally aired as episode 056 and quickly became one of the most downloaded episodes of all chirocandy podcasts.  Billy recorded a new intro and outro for this episode announcing some big news.


In this week's episode of ChiroCandy, Billy interviews Dr. Josh Wagner of The Perfect Patient Funnel System.

Dr. Josh Wagner created a very profitable and stress free practice starting out with less than $5,000 in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the world.

After being frustrated with chiropractic’s low public perception, drastically declining insurance coverage, being taught scripts for patients and coming off as a salesman while feeling uncertain about the best care to recommend…

He took a step back from the way Chiropractic has been preached to practice the past 30 years.

The way that made him feel uneasy in practice, not fully himself, and ultimately not in love with practicing, anymore.

It sparked the creation of The Perfect Patient Funnel System

Listen as Billy and Dr. Josh Wagner answer the question, are visit number DC models going extinct?

In This Episode:

  • Time Based Care Plans
  • Communication
  • New Practice Growth Strategies

More From Dr. Josh Wagner

Perfect Patient Funnel (affiliate link)

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Aug 30, 2016

Billy shares his back story and what lead him to start  From foster care, to ministry, to marketing.

In This Episode:


Aug 23, 2016

On today's show, Billy visits with Innate Legacy founder, Dr. Charles Ward.  Listen as Dr.Ward shares the 4 pillars of a successful chiropractic practice.

Dr. Charles Ward has been a Chiropractic leader, coach and mentor to Chiropractors over the past 30 years. As a successful practicing Chiropractor, Dr. Ward developed a system in his office that was second to none.  He teaches that successful system to Chiropractors today.

Success is in mastering the fundamentals, and Dr. Ward is known for teaching basic success principles that will take your practice and your life to a new level, and empower you to be the best you can be.  He is known for his unique coaching style, focusing on personal identity.

One of his famous lines, “your practice will never outgrow your self-esteem”, speaks his philosophy of teaching. Dr. Ward is one of the most inspiring speakers on personal and practice growth in Chiropractic today. He is a frequent key note speaker for chiropractic seminars throughout the U.S. and Canada and has coached thousands of successful chiropractors the philosophy of chiropractic and its timeless principles.

4 Pillars of Chiropractic Success:

1.  Marketing
2.  Philosophy
3.  Procedures & Systems
4.  Mindset

More From Dr. Charles Ward:

Innate Legacy Website

Innate Legacy Event in Austin, TX. September 29- October 1, 2016. = $99 office special!  (chirocandy listeners special!)

Billy will be one of the speakers at this event!

Aug 16, 2016

This week is a "Best of" episode where we look back at a popular, and valuable previous episode/interview.  This is the Dr. Tory Robson interview from episode number 12, "How To Increase Your PVA."

This week we visit with Dr. Tory Robson of Winner's Edge Consulting.

Dr. Robson graduated from Montana State University while simultaneously serving a 6 year term in the US Air Force. Being turned-on to chiropractic, he then graduated from NWHSU in 1995. Robson has personally designed and owned 5 chiropractic practices plus designed and revamped countless others for DCs all over the country.

Due to demand from the profession, Robson created WINNERSEDGE Chiropractic Consulting to teach his innovative and time tested systems. Every week he consults as many as 100 DC’s from all over the country and helps them create practices and personal lives of highest level in the profession today.

His Chiropractic Success Video Series reaches thousands of DC’s around the world every month. He has produced more than 500 Chiropractic Success Videos, authored 20 True Chiro Success Audio Sets. He is the Author of "The Image Doctor"  How your Self Image is the key to your Success and the CD Workbook set titled, “The 7 Pillars of Personal and Professional Success.” Plus has created the TRUE Chiro Success Seminar and Training Series consisting of 14 chiropractic success events each year including the one of a kind WINNERSEDGE DC Bootcamp. In addition, Robson has over 5000 coaching calls each year guiding and inspiring chiropractors to serve their communities at their best.

Robson consults and still practices out of his office in Eden Prairie Minnesota. He is committed to helping DC's build the smartest, most efficient, credible, and most successful practices in the world while simultaneously enjoying greatness in all areas of life.

Tory delivered such great value for almost an hour.  Because of that, this interview will be broken down into a 2-part episodes.

In this episode, the focus is on how to increase your PVA (Patient Visit Average).

Increasing Your PVA:

1.  Debt Elimination - DC killer
- business card = Pay Some Now (Function Keys)
- list all debts
- smallest debt (regardless of % rates) = attack = Pay some daily

2. Treatment Time Limitation
- 240 minutes mornings/weeks
- 120 afternoon (720 (?) minutes per week seeing pst)
- Focus on quality | Limited volume

3. Teach you a sentence: “Re-sign Language”
- growth of your practice hinges on PVA   Increase 5- 10
- NP = 3 points of tension:
- Asking them to come in: Initial Consult
- Report of Findings:  Tell them “Let’s Do This…” "Let's get you rescheduled..."
- Getting them to stay: Wellness

Secret sentence to make an extra 50-100K this year:

“(If) You had it your way, how often would you go to the chiropractor, don’t say everyday like most people do.  Of course around here we all go once a week now what would you do?”

- You had it your way
- How often would you go to the chiropractor
- Don't say everyday like most people do
- Of course, around here we all go once a week now
- What would you do?

More From Dr. Tory:

FREE Consulting Call w/ Dr. Tory and a copy of his Number 1 Selling 4 Disc set, "How to Double your PVA!" ($500 Value) Click Here Now!



Website: Winner's Edge Consulting

Aug 9, 2016

Today, Billy talks with Dr. Chad Woolner about 3 chiropractic marketing funnels.

Dr. Chad Woolner began his Chiropractic practice in 2009.  Right smack in the middle of one of the worst recessions in our country’s history.  During those first few years he struggled to find marketing strategies that actually worked.  He hired some of the supposedly best chiropractic consulting groups in the industry.  He worked their systems only to find that their systems were ineffective, outdated, and irrelevant.
It was right at this time that he decided to devote himself to seeking out strategies that really worked.  After years of blood, sweat and tears, he has created a proven system that generates consistently high numbers of quality new patients each month into his practice.  He has studied with the best of the best when it comes to business and marketing.

As a result of countless hours of study, implementation, testing and tweaking he has developed cutting-edge online marketing strategies that have not only transformed his practice but other chiropractic practices throughout the nation as well.

In addition to this, he recently launched The Reboot Podcast which provides chiropractors with motivation, inspiration, strategies and tactics to help them succeed and thrive in this new economy.

He wants to ensure that no other chiropractor ever has to struggle the way he did by taking advice from so many of the big box chiropractic consulting groups that are so completely out of touch with what really works in today’s market.  Currently he has launched a 3 Core Funnel Marketing system that he teaches in a free webinar.

In this Episode - 3 Chiropractic Marketing Funnels:

  1. Reboot Funnel: 10-15 New Patients per month
  2. Epic Funnel: 30+ New Patients per quarter
  3. Proof Funnel: Steady monthly stream of New Patients

You can check out more at:

Chiro Funnel Secrets Webinar  (* affiliate link)


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