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Founder of ChiroCandy Marketing, (one of the largest social media marketing companies in the chiropractic profession) Billy Sticker, brings you practical and motivational information on designed to equip and inspire chiropractors to think like a marketer. The most successful chiropractors across the globe think like marketers, not just chiropractors. Billy shares his own knowledge and experience, as well as interviews from industry leaders in the chiropractic field and other marketing experts. You will be challenged and equipped to take your practice to the next level.
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Dec 12, 2017

Dr. Flannery is a chiropractor, an educator, a professional marketer and the creator of The Art of Story Project. Mary coaches future chiropractic students, current chiropractic students and chiropractors in the field.

The Art of Story Project offers online classes to professionals who are seeking to improve their ability to communicate by integrating the timeless craft of storytelling. Storytelling touches people’s hearts and minds and allows shift to occur. Mary has a book coming out this summer (The Art of Story: How to Increase Your Influence with Modern Storytelling).

Mary is a chiropractor with a background in writing, marketing and communication. After practicing in Wisconsin and Iowa, Mary made an unusual choice to serve the profession (and her passions) by working in chiropractic college enrollment and marketing. She has worked at three different chiropractic colleges in the past 21 years. Mary is currently the Dean of Enrollment at Life Chiropractic College West where she has lead the recruitment and enrollment team to substantial growth.

Nov 28, 2017

Dr. Carolyn Griffin is in full-time practice and has recently opening a second
satellite office.

Caring for her patients, Dr. Griffin has a strong presence in her community,
sharing knowledge and health guidance with more than just her practice. She
founded ReVivify as a way of connecting and empowering women Chiropractors.
The group is a platform for conversation to help improve not only their practice,
but themselves.

She has also teamed up with Dr. Dan Grunert and started Keystone Chiropractic
Training to help doctors learn a Day 1 / Day 2 system that will grow their practice
in today’s changing market.

And as a former bikini competitor, Dr. Griffin’s love for fitness and nutrition led
her down a path of fermented foods. She started My Cultured Life and has a
passion to help and teach others with gut health issues about the benefits of
cultured foods.

Nov 14, 2017

Here are my takeaways from Dr. Josh Axe's 10X Doctor Summit.

And more FB Marketing Tips


Oct 10, 2017

Since 1996, Dr. Maj has run a family-oriented subluxation-based wellness practice in Chicago where she specializes in pediatric, pregnancy, family, and wellness care. Dr. Maj is certified in Pediatrics and the Webster Technique from the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Nutrition and a Doctorate in Chiropractic. Dr. Maj is a member of the Royal Knights of the Chiropractic Roundtable, on the board of the League of Chiropractic Women, International Chiropractic Pediatric Association and the World Congress of Chiropractic Women.

The second edition of her book, You Can Be Well, was released last year. In this book she discusses the 5 vital steps to wellness.

Inspired by chiropractic missions she participated in both the Dominican Republic and Haiti, Dr. Stephanie Maj has created her own mission work right in her home town of Chicago. She has volunteered her time at the Night Ministry, a homeless organization, where she adjusts homeless youth on the streets as well as in their local shelter.

Dr. Maj speaks internationally on a variety of topics ranging from success in practice, aging well, to pediatrics and pregnancy. She brings an energy, enthusiasm and sense of humor to the stage in a way that helps inspire others to reach for their dreams.

In January, 2016, Dr. Steph has launched her own podcast, Women Seeking Wellness, focusing on the Real Story on how to Be Well at any age. In the short time it has been out, her podcast climbed to #1 spot on the iTunes New and Noteworthy in the health category. Please look for it on iTunes and Stitcher or go to to listen.

Sep 26, 2017

Co-Founder of ChiroCEO, Peter Camiolo is a Doctor of Chiropractic who has spent the past decade mastering the art of leadership and communication in the clinical health space.

He is founder and CEO of what has consistently been one of the most successful chiropractic and natural health centers worldwide year after year. Dr. Pete is also a sought-after teacher and speaker, and he seeks to share a message of faith and freedom to all those feeling trapped or unfulfilled in their lives and career.

Dr. Pete cofounded ChiroCEO with his close friend, Dr. Josh Axe. (


Have you been to a conference where you sat in a room and listened to a bunch of exciting strategies and ideas that pumped you up.....but when Monday rolled around, nothing had actually changed? 

In this revolutionary new format, you won't just be listening to our expert speakers, you'll also dive deeper in intimate mastermind groups to implement the advanced training you'll receive from these top doctors and CEOs. Speakers will only speak 50% of the time. For the other 50%, we will be actively working with you on your business while you’re grouped with doctors and staff that run similar clinics as you.


Sep 18, 2017

Are you where you want to be? Do you want to move to the next level?  How can you help more people through chiropractic care?

[app_audio src=""]

Learn from over 30 of the top health and wellness professionals share their breakthrough strategies that brought them from working long hours running an average practice to a leveraged, high profitable business through elevating their authority in their market, adding tremendous value to their patients and clients, implementing systems and leading instead of managing.

Learn from industry leaders, such as:

Dr. John Demartini
Dr. Charlie Ward
Dr. Noel Lloyd
Dr. Tory Robson
Dr. Larry Markson
Dr. Steve Hoffman
Dr. Mike Gandolfi
Dr. Paul Inselman
And Many Others!

The 2017 Chiropractic Success Summit is a 7 day event that starts on Monday, September 18th through Sunday, September 24th.  It is a virtual summit that you can watch it from the comfort of your own home.

Best of all, it is free!  Sign up at!

“Success is a skill, learn to master it.”  Dr. Mike Headlee, host of the 2017 Chiropractic Success Summit

Sep 15, 2017

This is going to explode business!  Can you implement something similar?  Listen now!

Sep 5, 2017
  • Have A Plan
  • Adapt
  • Have a Team
    1. The Right People In The Right Places
  • Communicate
    1. Vision
    2. Purpose
    3. Needs
    4. Goals
    5. Etc.
  • Persist
Aug 22, 2017

Dr. Kevin Christie is currently the CEO of Health-Fit Corporate Wellness which provides On-Site
Chiropractic and Ergonomics for corporations such as Royal Caribbean, ADT Security, Tyco
Integrated Systems, World Fuel Services, Strategic Coach, Frito-Lay, and others.

In mid-2016 he launched The Modern Desk Jockey Podcast, which provides healthy solutions
for the desk worker. He has been able to interview some of the leaders in the world on all topics
related to corporate health and wellness.

Dr. Christie has been the Chiropractic/Sports Medicine Physician for multiple football academies
in South Florida. He is currently the Sports Chiropractor for XPE Combine Prep Program in
Boca Raton, FL. This role includes treating the college football players during the NFL Combine
Prep Program and the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. He also has worked on over 500 NFL,
MLB and NHL players for these strength & conditioning companies during their off-season Pro
NFL/MLB programs.

Health-Fit Corporate Wellness

Email Dr. Christie at and ask for the free info cards and other material he is offering to the chirocandy audience at no charge.


Aug 8, 2017

One of my favorite shows is CNBC's The Profit with Marcus Lemonis.  Marcus Lemonis invest his money to help struggling businesses. After 67 episodes and more than $50 million spent, Marcus Lemonis is ready to share his top 10 most important rules for success.  

On this week's episode of chirocandy, I go over these his rules and I apply my spend on how they apply to helping you grow your chiropractic practice.


Marcus Lemonis' Top 10 Rules For Success

  1. Don't be an a$$
  2. Make the employees number one (incentivize, bonus)
  3. Know what you don't know (hire people who are good at what you're not)
  4. Accept the crazy (there will be conflict)
  5. Be vulnerable (real, honest)
  6. Be authentic 
  7. Be transparent
  8. It's all about follow-through
  9. Know your numbers 
  10. Quit whining and start WINNING!


  1. Believe in yourself
  2. You don't have to be an expert, partner with one. 







Aug 1, 2017

Dr. Vince Leone runs a seven figure practice with his father that specializes in decompression and peripheral neuropathy. Between their clinic and two sister clinics, they collectively spend over $700,000 per year in marketing, which he oversees on a monthly basis.

Dr. Vince takes this knowledge of a high revenue practice along with marketing across all media platforms and provides experience, resources and strategies to chiropractors looking to scale their practices and build wealth.

More from Dr. Vince Leone:

FREE Gift:

Jul 25, 2017

Dr Ryan Bones is President of ChiroSushi and owner of Beyond Bones Chiropractic in Coeur d'Alene, ID.

Originally from South Dakota, Dr. Ryan Bones graduated from the University of Nebraska with a degree in Biological Sciences before receiving his Doctorate of Chiropractic from Parker University in Dallas, TX.

He specializes in neurologically based chiropractic corrective care for everyone from pregnant moms and newborns to teens and adults.

Dr. Ryan’s biggest calling in life is spreading the message of true health. He recently gave a TEDx talk at Southern Methodist University entitled “Dr. YOU: Understanding Your Very Own Superpower”, and is excited to bring that message to the community of Coeur d’Alene!

Ryan's Grand Opening For Beyond Bones Chiropractic:

Jul 11, 2017

John Lee Dumas is the host of EOFire, an award winning Podcast where he interviews today's most successful Entrepreneurs 7-days a week. JLD has grown EOFire into a multi-million dollar a year business with over 1500 interviews and 1.5 million monthly listens. He's the author of The Freedom Journal and The Mastery Journal, two of the most funded publishing campaigns of all time on Kickstarter. All the magic happens at!

Disgust in this episode:

SmartPassiveIncome with Pat Flynn

The Cabral Concept

Jul 4, 2017

Todd Calamita is a Certified Financial Planner and founder of Chiropractic Wealth Management. Together with his professional network, he helps those in the Chiropractic field address their five biggest concerns: preserving their wealth; mitigating taxes; taking care of their heirs; ensuring their assets are not unjustly taken; and charitable giving.

Todd uses a consultative process to gain a detailed understanding of Chiropractor's and their family’s deepest values and goals. He then employs customized recommendations designed to address each client’s unique needs. Successful chiropractors work with Todd to

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive wealth management plan that will help them achieve their financial dreams
  • Make smarter decisions in today’s uncertain political, economic and social environment
  • Obtain an independent second opinion from a top financial advisor who specializes in serving chiropractors

Todd has been helping individuals, families and business owners make smart decision with their money for almost 20 years. He has authored a book, Plan Smart: Conquering 10 Common Money Traps, as well as numerous articles on wide-ranging personal finance topics, from taxes to retirement accounts. Todd has also been featured in a Financial Bootcamp TV series. His next book, addressing the top financial challenges of chiropractors, is due out in early 2018.

He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife, Teresa, and their two sons.


Jun 20, 2017

Self Image: Key to human personality and human behavior.  Change the self image, change the behavior.

Self Image also set boundaries and limits on individual achievement.

Brain & Nervous System work together to create a "goal-striving mechanism" or also called a "success mechanism".

5 Steps To Achievement:
1) Know What You Want.
2) Plan Your Attack
3) Take Inventory. (Who or what do you need to accomplish this?)
4) Take Action
5) Course Correct




Jun 13, 2017

Lead: Someone responding to a Fb Ad, leaving us their name, email and phone number.

3 More Facebook Marketing Secrets:
1) Test: Your Audience, Ad copy, Image, Landing Page, etc.
2) Scheduling: Have your staff be friendly. Get 2-5 minutes of common ground. And create Urgency!
3) Text The Leads: Set up a free Google Voice account.

More FREE Facebook Marketing Training:

Josh Wagner episode:

Work With Billy:

Jun 6, 2017

Dr. Stuart Hoffman is 1981 graduate of Life University who, for the past thirty five years, has worked passionately to assist others in their journey toward optimum health both in his private practice and as a teacher and direct consultant in the Chiropractic community. His contributions in the Chiropractic field have been widespread, as he has held numerous positions in both state and national associations, lectured throughout the United States and written articles appearing in many professional journals.

Dr. Hoffman has been the recipient of numerous awards  – most recently, the 2015 ICA Chiropractor of the Year award. He is a cofounder of several organizations including,, and – an insurance company offering chiropractic malpractice coverage and more.

May 16, 2017

This week Billy Sticker sits down with Ken "Spanky" Moskowitz to talk about the power of Brand Building...

As a father of 5, this man knows how to multitask. OK, his wife really does the multitasking, Spanky's a close second.

Spanky started his creative career in New York City, and quickly rose to the top of the broadcast creative industry. Over the many years of his career, he's been at the helm of brand positioning,  advertising  and marketing campaigns.

In the mid 90’s, he had a killer promotional idea and helped Coca Cola launch their Red Hot Summer campaign. The campaign quickly gained traction nationwide. It went on to become a global branding effort.

He has led rebranding and resurrection efforts of many major and smaller brands over the last three decades. Brands like the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and its famed Indy 500Frito-LaySamuel AdamsCoca ColaM&M MarsCLR,Campbell’s, and SpaghettiOs. Sports teams like the Phoenix Suns, the Arizona DiamondbacksAmerican Dermatology CenterDon and Charlie’s Steakhouse, and Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  He has revitalized ailing broadcast outlets and sports franchises. His unique approach to creative and to fun, yet memorable branding, sets him apart in the industry. His approach is at times edgy, always unique and very memorable.

His goal is to create more personal, powerful branding for clients in an atmosphere that lifts the industry and cares about clients like family.

More From Spanky

May 9, 2017

A Post-ChiroSushi Summit episode of chirocandy.

May 2, 2017

Dr James R Fedich, was born and raised in NJ. After a car accident in his teens, he decided to be a chiropractor. He has been a chiropractor in Northern NJ since 2003 and consistently collects well over a million dollars a year. He is the author of Secrets of a Million Dollar Practice available on amazon, and helps other chiropractors through his site,

The First 5 People to Write a Review on iTunes for Chirocandy After Listening to This Episode Gets a free copy of Dr. Fedich's Book, Secrets of a Million Dollar Practice! 

Apr 25, 2017

[app_audio src=""]

Dr. Robert Silverman graduated magna cum laude from the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic and has a Masters of Science in human nutrition. His extensive list of educational accomplishments includes designations as a certified nutrition specialist, certified clinical nutritionist, certified sports nutritionist. Dr. Silverman is a diplomate with the American Clinical Board of Nutrition and the Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition.

He is an internationally-known speaker and author with a full-time private practice in White Plains, NY, where he specializes in the treatment of joint pain with innovative, science-based, nonsurgical approaches and functional nutrition.

Dr. Silverman is also on the advisory board for the Functional Medicine University. He is a health contributor to Fox News Radio and has appeared on Fox & Friends, Fox News, NBC News, CBS News, NewsMax TV, WPIX, and Wall Street Journal Live. He was awarded the prestigious 2015 Sports Chiropractor of the Year by the ACA Sports Council. In 2016 he published Inside/Out Health: A Revolutionary Approach to Your Body (Lioncrest Publishing).

Dr. Silverman can be reached at his office: 914.287.6464; email:

More from this episode:

Facebook Marketing Training:




Apr 18, 2017

[app_audio src=""]

Dr. Ed Le Cara has worked as a strength and conditioning coach, athletic trainer, and chiropractor for over 20 years. Ed earned a PhD in Sports Medicine with published research in lumbar spine motor control in 2012. In 2014, he earned an Executive MBA in Transglobal Education. Clinically, Ed owned SportsPlus: Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation in Pleasanton, CA from 2000 until June 2014. He then relocated to Dallas, TX to open KinetikChain.

KinetikChain is a sports medicine and athlete recovery center. In May 2016, Ed moved to Denver, CO to open two KinetikChain Denver clinics and this is where Ed currently resides.

Notably, Ed holds or has held numerous high level positions:

  • Director of Education & Master Instructor, Smart Tools Plus (IASTM)
  • Master Instructor, TRX Training
  • Consultant, Physmodo
  • Former Vice President of Sports Science and Human Performance at 24 Hour
  • Fitness Corporate offices
  • Former Director of Education and Master Instructor for RockTape
  • Former Master Instructor, Trigger Point Performance
  • Previous hospital privileges at the Veteran’s Administration in Martinez, CA where he worked in the multidisciplinary Center for Integrated Brain Health and Wellness Ed enjoys teaching and consulting with corporations and clinicians in business strategy and marketing.

When Ed is not traveling to teach he enjoys outdoor activities that Colorado living affords.

More From Dr. Ed Le Cara

FREE Videos Series - Keep in Touch With Your Patients

Apr 4, 2017

Billy sits down with Dr. Aaron Gumm to discuss his new program, Blueprint To Practice Automation. His success rate for simplifying and implementing cash services is incredible!  But first, here is a little of Dr. Gumm's backstory…

It was by God’s grace, that Dr. Gumm DC, D.PSc ,has been led to do what he does. As a young college graduate, he was a nationally ranked college athlete, trained for the Olympic trials. His passion has always been health, wellness, and performance. He had to be an expert at an early age in order to compete at a national and global level in his sport.

Soon after graduation, his passion for health led him to pursue a career with Novartis, a global pharmaceutical company. Novarits sells pharmaceuticals, but also represented a medical nutrition division. His job was to educate hospital systems and specialty doctors about the benefits of medical nutrition versus nutrition through TPN, an intravenous nutrient delivery process. He spoke with some of the best doctors and hospital coordinators in the country regarding what was best for helping patients regain their health.

After numerous meetings and conversations he had a couple of realizations that shocked him. First, he realized that our healthcare system was not a “health” care system; it’s “sick” care system, a “disease” management system. We go to the doctor, get diagnosed with a disease or illness, then get a medication, injection, or surgery. The real reason why we have this illness is never addressed.

Blueprint To Practice Automation Webinar:

How to Earn an Extra $50K-$100K per Month in Cash & Save Time and Money with Practice Automation

Mar 28, 2017

Success Is An Obligation

Today Billy visits with Dr. Steve Burlison of the Big Idea Mentor podcast.  Listen as Dr. Steve explains why success is an obligation.

Dr. Steve Burlison, a Michigan native, attended Central Michigan University for his undergraduate degree. In 2006, he received his Doctoral degree at Palmer College of Chiropractic with a focus on Spinal Rehabilitation. Dr. Steve has since had extensive experience with family care and Pediatrics.

Additionally, Dr. Steve is a published author, national speaker, and corporate wellness coach. He is a Certified Chiropractor, Health Expert, and Performance Coach for Team USA Weightlifting, Team USA Wrestling, Team USA Judo, and Team USA Volleyball. He owns and operates several clinics in the Chicagoland area and has one of the most successful practices in Libertyville, Illinois, Burlison Family Wellness.

The Big Idea Mentor

Recently Dr. Steve start the Big Idea Mentor podcast.  It has quickly become one of the fastest growing podcast in the chiropractic space.

For more information on the Big Idea Mentor go to:

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